Report Generation and Management + Usage Accounting/SMF




CA Technologies

Previous Vendors:

Morino Associates Inc -> Legent


z/OS  z/VM  z/VSE  

Short Description:

Process SMF and other records for usage, performance and capacity planning


MVS Integrated Control Systems (MICS). Collects information on system usage and performance from many sources including SMF records, IDCAMS DCOLLECT and IMS logs. Provides archiving options to summarize, archive or delete historical data. Also provides reporting options to analyse past and present data.

Options available to analyze z/OS, CICS, DASD Space, Tape, IMS, Websphere MQ, CA IDMS, DB2 and other systems. Client available to process similar data on z/VM, HP NonStop (Tandem), VAX/VMS and z/VSE platforms.

Uses SAS language to produce tailored reports and data processing. Includes CA MICS Information Center Facility (MICF), a 3270-based data manipulation tool.

Originally developed by Morino Associates.

Entry last updated: 18-Dec-2012