CA Netmaster Network Management for SNA

Other Names:

Net-Master for SNA
Net/Master for SNA
Netmaster for SNA


Networks and Communication + Monitor




CA Technologies

Previous Vendors:

Software Developments International -> Cincom Systems Inc -> Systems Center Inc -> Sterling Software


z/OS  z/VM  z/VSE  

Short Description:

SNA Network Monitor


SNA network monitor first created by Software Developments International in Australia. One of the most popular such products, together with IBM Netview. The first Netmaster product.

Included its own scripting language (Network Command Language, or NCL), and an optional tailored front screen for 3270 users (Easinet).

Marketing rights were acquired by Cincom Systems from Software Developments in 1984, after which Cincom and SDI both continued Netmaster development. Software Developments later attempted to end this agreement, resulting in a legal battle between the companies.

Systems Center Inc acquired both Software Developments, and the Netmaster marketing rights from Cincom in 1989.

Entry last updated: 21-Dec-2012