From the Vendor

FDRCRYPT can encrypt your backups, reducing the risk of data exposure, and protecting the data against unauthorised access by anyone that does not possess the proper encryption keys. Various levels of software encryption are available.

FDRCRYPT is supported on all full volume, incremental, application and data set backups created by FDR, FDRINC and FDRAPPL. 

Software Encryption

FDRCRYPT offers various types of software encryption of varying strength. This allows you to balance the sensitivity of the data with the additional cost in CPU and elapsed time to encrypt that data. 

  • TDES Triple Data Encryption Standard, uses the DES algorithm 3 times, with 3 different keys of 64 bits each (192 bits total) to encrypt the data.
  • AES uses a 128, 192 or 256-bit encryption key to do a repetitive transformation of the data. AES is the current standard for US government encryption.

All encryption algorithms are implemented entirely within FDRCRYPT and do not depend on any other installed encryption hardware or software. This ensures that the data can be decrypted (by FDRCRYPT) at any disaster site. 


FDRCRYPT includes a sub-component called FDRCAMS, a front-end to IBM’s IDCAMS, which allows the encryption and decryption of output sequential data sets created by REPRO. The same encryption algorithms included in FDRCRYPT are also available under FDRCAMS. 

The encrypted data set can be on tape, or on disk for delivery via email or FTP. A free, unlicensed copy of FDRCAMS (called FDRDECRY) can then be downloaded from the Innovation website and then installed at the receiving location to allow the encrypted IDCAMS files to be decrypted.

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