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CASE/Code Generation + Application Development




CA Technologies

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Pansophic Systems -> Christensen Systems



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CICS and IMS Online Application Development System


Code generation system for developing online IMS and CICS applications. One of the first CASE (Computer Assisted Software Engineering Tools) software products. Development commenced in 1977.

Developers use macros that generate COBOL and PL/1 code. This code executes without proprietary runtime libraries. Software runs on z/OS, but includes an optional Windows GUI interface.

Strengths are generating online interfaces and database access. Databases supported include DB2, VSAM, IMS, CA IDMS and CA Datacom/DB. TELON Design Facility (TDF) is a tool for designing and testing 3270 screens.

TELON Test Facilitiy is a facility to assist in testing and debugging TELON-generated code.

Conceived by Chris McNeil and Don Christensen in the late 1970s.

Entry last updated: 20-Jan-2013

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