Mainframe Software List

Categories: Databases

Software currently marketed and supported

Artubus ConnectArtubus Software
ASG-Fast AccessASG Software Solutions
ASG-Replication SuiteASG Software Solutions
ASG-SmartFileASG Software Solutions
ASG-VirtualDBASG Software Solutions
Attunity CDCAttunity
Attunity ConnectAttunity
Attunity ReplicateAttunity
BMC Recovery for IMSBMC
CA Compress Data Compression for DB2CA Technologies
CA Compress Data Compression for IMSCA Technologies
CA Data Compressor for DB2CA Technologies
CA Database Analyzer for IMSCA Technologies
CA Database Copier for IMSCA Technologies
CA Database Management for IMSCA Technologies
CA Database Organizer for IMSCA Technologies
CA Datacom ServerCA Technologies
CA Datacom/DBCA Technologies
CA Fast Index for DB2CA Technologies
CA High Performance Recovery for IMSCA Technologies
CA IDMSCA Technologies
CA InfoTransportCA Technologies
CA Partition Expert for DB2CA Technologies
CA RAMISCA Technologies
CA Rapid Reorg for DB2CA Technologies
CA RC/Extract for DB2CA Technologies
CA Secondary Index Builder for IMSCA Technologies
CA Secondary Index for IMSCA Technologies
CA VISION:InformCA Technologies
CA VISION:InquiryCA Technologies
CDB/Auto-Online ReorgCDB Software
CDB/Rebuild IndexCDB Software
Connect* for Model 204Rocket Software
Content ManagerIBM
DARSTRANInternational Software Products
DARSTRAN IMSInternational Software Products
DARSTRAN Oracle LogminerInternational Software Products
Database Compression for IMSBMC
Database Integrity for IMSBMC
DataSniffXbridge Systems
DataVantage for IMSDirect Computer Resources
DataVantage GlobalDirect Computer Resources
DB2 for VM and VSEIBM
DBREPAIRHybrid Systems
DBSPACEHybrid Systems
DEMI/DBInternational Software Products
DOCU/MASTERDSI Document Systems
DPTLog-On Software
EDBCActian Corporation
Elevate IDMSPrecisely
Elevate IMSPrecisely
Extract for IMSBMC
Fast Path Enhanced Online SuiteBMC
Fast Path Extend for IMSBMC
Fast Path Online Restructure/EPBMC
Fast/BackupRocket Software
Fast/ReloadRocket Software
Fast/UnloadRocket Software
File ManagerIBM
FIRSTInternational Software Products
FIRST/LRInternational Software Products
GT DiagrammerGrid-Tools
IMS Database Control SuiteIBM
IMS Database Reorganization ExpertIBM
IMS DEDB Fast RecoverIBM
IMS High Availability Large Database (HALDB) ToolkitIBM
IMS High Performance Change Accumulation UtilityIBM
IMS High Performance Fast Path UtilitiesIBM
IMS High Performance Image CopyIBM
IMS High Performance LoadIBM
IMS High Performance Pointer CheckerIBM
IMS High Performance Prefix ResolutionIBM
IMS High Performance UnloadIBM
IMS Recovery Solution PackIBM
IMS Sequential Randomizer GeneratorIBM
InfoReorg for DB2 on z/OSInfotel
Infosphere Classic ConnectorIBM
Infosphere Classic Data Event PublisherIBM
Infosphere Classic Federation ServerIBM
Infosphere Classic Replication ServerIBM
Infosphere DiscoveryIBM
Infosphere Guardium Data Encryption for DB2 and IMS DatabasesIBM
Infosphere Guardium Database Activity MonitorIBM
InfoSphere Guardium Database Vulnerability AssessmentIBM
Infosphere Optim Data Growth SolutionIBM
Infosphere Optim Move for IMS/VSAM/SEQIBM
Infosphere Optim pureQuery RuntimeIBM
Ivory Data HubAdaptigent
iWay Universal Adapter SuiteInformation Builders
Janus Open ClientRocket Software
Janus Open ServerRocket Software
Janus Speciality Data StoreRocket Software
Janus TCP/IP BaseRocket Software
Janus Web ServerRocket Software
Mainstar Database Backup and Recovery for IMSRocket Software
MAXM Database AdvisorBMC
MAXM Reorg/Online for IMSBMC
Model 204Rocket Software
NOMADSelect Business Solutions
Partitioned Database Facility for IMSBMC
PowerExchange for MainframesInformatica
Raincode DatakomRaincode
Rocket Data VirtualizationRocket Software
Rocket IMS Year 2000 Exit ToolRocket Software
Rocket z/DirectRocket Software
RSD FoldersRSD
Sage/204Rocket Software
SCORE Data Architecture IntegrationDelta Software Technology
Shadow z/EventsRocket Software
SirDBARocket Software
SirFileRocket Software
SirMonRocket Software
SirProRocket Software
SirScanRocket Software
Spectrum Mainframe ExporterPacific Systems Group
SPI-TAB+Axios Products
StarTool FDMMicro Focus
Supra PDMCincom Systems Inc
Supra SQLCincom Systems Inc
System 2000SAS Institute
tcVISIONB.O.S. Software Service
Teradata Tools and UtilitiesTeradata
Tools BaseIBM
Ultraquest ApplicationsSelect Business Solutions
VTS ManagerDataKinetics
Web FOCUSInformation Builders