Mainframe Software List

Categories: MQ, Messaging and SOA

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 Other NameSoftwareVendor
AppWatchMiddleware Management Administration for WebSphere MQBMC
Artix Advanced for z/OSArtixMicro Focus
Artix for z/OSArtixMicro Focus
AutoPilot for Websphere MQAutoPilot M6 for Websphere MQNastel
Bank Communication SystemKeystone BCSKeystone Computer Associates
BMC Middleware MonitoringBMC Middleware MonitoringBMC
Candle Command Center for MQSeries ConfigurationTivoli Configuration Manager for MQSeriesIBM
CICS BEPCICS Business Event Publisher for MQSeriesIBM
Command MQMAINVIEW for Websphere MQBMC
Command MQ AutomationMAINVIEW AutoOperator for Websphere MQBMC
Data NavigatorFIS Data NavigatorFIS
DataDirect OCA-MQSeriesOCA-MQSeriesRocket Software
Editor for MessagesTivoli Editor for MessagesIBM
EFD Data NavigatorFIS Data NavigatorFIS
Enterprise Message Service ClientsTIBCO EMSTIBCO
ICEACI Communication ServicesACI Payment Systems
IIBIBM Integration BusIBM
InnerAccessShadow z/ServicesRocket Software
MAINVIEW AutoOperator for MQSeriesMAINVIEW AutoOperator for Websphere MQBMC
MDpMessage Driven processorEarly, Cloud & Company
Message Queue ManagerIBM MQIBM
MQ Authenticate User Security Exit for z/OSz/MQAUSXCapitalware
MQ Channel Auto Creation Manager for z/OSz/MQCACMCapitalware
MQ Channel Encryption for z/OSz/MQCECapitalware
MQ Instant Secure Data for z/OSz/MQCECapitalware
MQ Standard Security Exit for z/OSz/MQSSXCapitalware
MQ WorkflowWebsphere MQ WorkflowIBM
MQControlAutoPilot M6 for Websphere MQNastel
MQSeries IntegratorIBM Integration BusIBM
MQSeries Integrator Agent for CICSCICS Integrator AdaptorIBM
MQSeries WorkflowWebsphere MQ WorkflowIBM
MQSIIBM Integration BusIBM
NEONETIBM Integration BusIBM
Omegamon XE for Websphere MQ MonitoringTivoli Omegamon XE for Websphere MQIBM
PATHWAI Secure for Websphere MQTivoli Secure for Websphere MQIBM
PATROL for Websphere MQPerformance Manager for Websphere MQBMC
PipesLiveContent PIPESPeerLogic
Pipes PlatformLiveContent PIPESPeerLogic
PQEditTivoli Editor for MessagesIBM
Q Pasa!BMC Middleware MonitoringBMC
QN-AppWatchMiddleware Management Administration for WebSphere MQBMC
QN-StatWatchMiddleware Management Transaction Analytics for WebSphere MQBMC
Shadow OCA-MQSeriesOCA-MQSeriesRocket Software
Sinfonia OCA MQSeriesOCA-MQSeriesRocket Software
StatWatchMiddleware Management Transaction Analytics for WebSphere MQBMC
TAMBITivoli Access Manager for Business Integration Host EditionIBM
Tivoli Composite Application Manager for SOAITCAM for SOAIBM
Tivoli Omegamon XE for WebSphere Business IntegrationTivoli Omegamon XE for MessagingIBM
Tivoli Policy Director for MQSeriesTivoli Access Manager for Business Integration Host EditionIBM
TMON for MQSeriesASG-TMON for Websphere MQASG Software Solutions
TMON for Websphere MQASG-TMON for Websphere MQASG Software Solutions
Truesight Middleware MonitoringBMC Middleware MonitoringBMC
WBIMBIBM Integration BusIBM
WebSphere Business Integration Message BrokerIBM Integration BusIBM
Websphere Message BrokerIBM Integration BusIBM
Websphere MQ Extended Security EditionWebsphere MQ Advanced Message SecurityIBM
WebSphere MQ IntegratorIBM Integration BusIBM
WESBWebsphere Enterprise Service BusIBM
WMBIBM Integration BusIBM
WMQWFWebsphere MQ WorkflowIBM
WPSWebsphere Process Server for z/OSIBM
WSRRWebSphere Service Registry and RepositoryIBM
z/ServicesShadow z/ServicesRocket Software