Mainframe Software List

Categories: Infrastructure and Computing Assets

Previous or other software names

 Other NameSoftwareVendor
Auto Soft CappingAutoSoftCappingZETALY
BMC Discovery for z/OSAtrium Discovery for z/OSBMC
CAzEAMI Cost ManagementBMC
Cost Analyzer for zEnterpriseAMI Cost ManagementBMC
DK2ASG-VistaASG Software Solutions
EMEEnterprise>Meta EnvironmentAb Initio Software Corporation
Enterprise Maintenance ToolEMTPrince Software
Hardware/Software Inventory SystemH/SISData Center Management Systems
IBM Z Decision Support for Capacity Planning IBM Z Performance and Capacity AnalyticsIBM
iCapBMC Intelligent CappingBMC
INFO/X EnterpriseASG-INFO/X EnterpriseASG Software Solutions
Information ManagementInfo/ManIBM
Installation ManagerIBM Installation ManagerIBM
LPAR Capacity and Software Usage AnalysisLCSI/S Management Strategies
Peregrine Network Management SystemPeregrine ServiceCenterPeregrine Systems
PNMSPeregrine ServiceCenterPeregrine Systems
Problem Management and Reporting SystemPM/RSData Center Management Systems
RepositoryCA Repository for z/OSCA Technologies
RMF MagicVision for z/OSIntelliMagic
RochadeASG-RochadeASG Software Solutions
Solve:CentralCA Solve:CentralCA Technologies
TADDMTivoli Application Dependency Discovery ManagerIBM
TADzIBM Z Software Asset ManagementIBM
Tivoli Asset Discovery for z/OSIBM Z Software Asset ManagementIBM
Tivoli Information ManagementInfo/ManIBM
Tivoli License and Compliance ManagerIBM Z Software Asset ManagementIBM
Tivoli Service DeskInfo/ManIBM
TLCMIBM Z Software Asset ManagementIBM
UCC-8CA-8CA Technologies
Websphere Studio Asset AnalyzerRational Asset AnalyzerIBM
XREFJED XREFData Center Management Systems
z/OS DLATivoli Discovery Library Adapter for z/OSIBM
z/VM DLATivoli Discovery Library Adapter for z/VMIBM
zDynaCapDynamic Capacity IntelligenceCA Technologies