Mainframe Software List

mainframe software beginning with "A"

Previous or other software names

 Other NameSoftwareVendor
ABARS ManagerMainstar ABARS ManagerRocket Software
ABCApplication Backup CenterDTS Software
ABCAccounting Budget and CostSungard
ABRFDRABRInnovation Data Processing
ACCAllocation Control CenterDTS Software
Access Recording Services for DB2DBARSSoftware Product Research
ACCESS/MVSCA TCPaccess Communication ServerCA Technologies
Access/NVMainView AutoOPERATOR Access NVBMC
AccuchekCA AccuchekBroadcom
ACF2CA ACF2Broadcom
AD/Cycle C/370C/370IBM
AD/Cycle CODE/370Debug for z/OSIBM
ADR/The LibrarianCA LibrarianCA Technologies
ADS+ADSDelta Software Technology
ADS/OnlineCA ADSBroadcom
ADSplusADSDelta Software Technology
ADSTAR Distributed Storage ManaagerTivoli ADSMIBM
Advanced Debugging System for CICSADS for CICSGary Bergman Associates
Advantage Automated Code AssessmentCA Automated Code AssessmentCA Technologies
Advantage Automated Code DocumentationCA Automated Code Documentation for COBOLCA Technologies
Advantage Automated Code StructuringCA Automated Code Structuring for COBOLCA Technologies
Advantage CA EasytrieveCA EasytrieveCA Technologies
Advantage CA IDMSCA IDMSCA Technologies
Advantage GenCA GenCA Technologies
AF/Integrated Resource ManagerTivoli AF/Integrated Resource ManagerIBM
AF/IRMTivoli AF/Integrated Resource ManagerIBM
AF/OperatorTivoli AF/OperatorIBM
AF/RemoteTivoli System Automation for Integrated Operations ManagementIBM
AFPxPDFInfoprint Transform for AFP to Adobe PDFIBM
Aion Development SystemCA Aion Business Rules ExpertBroadcom
AION/DSCA Aion Business Rules ExpertBroadcom
AIONDSCA Aion Business Rules ExpertBroadcom
AlchemistCA AlchemistCA Technologies
ALCSAirline Control SystemIBM
Alert/VMCA Alert/VMCA Technologies
All/StarMainstar All/StarRocket Software
AllFusion Data Model ExaminerDatabase ExaminerDBE Software
AllFusion GenCA GenCA Technologies
AllFusion Harvest Change ManagerCA Software Change ManagerCA Technologies
AltamiraAlnova Financial SolutionsAccenture
AM4CICSAccess Manager for CICSOracle
AM4IMSAccess Manager for IMSOracle
AmsoftAmerican Software System z SuiteAmerican Software
APAApplication Performance Analyzer for z/OSIBM
APAS InsightCA APAS InsightCA Technologies
APC BatchmapASG-APC BatchmapASG Software Solutions
APC for StrobeASG-APC for StrobeASG Software Solutions
APC for TrituneASG-APC for ASG-TriTuneASG Software Solutions
APC Performance DesktopASG-APC Performance DesktopASG Software Solutions
APIASZEN EE SecurityPrecisely
Application Development FacilityADF IIIBM
Application Performance AnalyzerApplication Performance Analyzer for z/OSIBM
Application SystemRocket ASRocket Software
Application Time FacilityTICTOCCan Do Systems
ApplinXwebMethods ApplinXSoftware AG
AppMaster BuilderMicro Focus AMBMicro Focus
AppWatchMiddleware Management Administration for WebSphere MQBMC
APS for MVSMicro Focus APSMicro Focus
APS for z/OSMicro Focus APSMicro Focus
apXplore-IMSapX IMS ServerCardinal Software
AR/CTL for DB2Application Restart Control for DB2BMC
AR/CTL for IMSApplication Restart Control for IMSBMC
AR/CTL for VSAMApplication Restart Control for VSAMBMC
Archive Retrieval FacilityARFXenos Group
Artix Advanced for z/OSArtixMicro Focus
Artix for z/OSArtixMicro Focus
ASAPMainstar ASAPRocket Software
ASFApplication Support FacilityIBM
ASG CATSASG-TMON Change Manager for CICSASG Software Solutions
ASG ESWASG-Existing Systems WorkbenchASG Software Solutions
ASG-RenaissanceASG-EncoreASG Software Solutions
ASM 2CA ASM2Broadcom
ASM/2 CA-ASM2CA ASM2Broadcom
ASTRAC ASRocket ASRocket Software
ATAMTivoli Automated Tape Allocation ManagerIBM
AtheneSyncsort Capacity ManagementPrecisely
Attunity Change Data CaptureAttunity CDCAttunity
Attunity StreamAttunity CDCAttunity
AuditStarMaseTechStar International
Auto Soft CappingAutoSoftCappingZETALY
AutoAction/ZackASG-ZackASG Software Solutions
AutoMate/MVSAutoMateCA Technologies
Automated Console Operations SolutionPacACO SolutionPacIBM
Automated Operations Control/MVSAOC/MVSIBM
Automated Tape Allocation ManagerTivoli Automated Tape Allocation ManagerIBM
Automatically Programmed Tool - Advanced ContouringAPT-ACIBM
AutoMedia/ZaraASG-ZaraASG Software Solutions
AutoPilot for Websphere MQAutoPilot M6 for Websphere MQNastel
AutoRerun/ZebbASG-ZebbASG Software Solutions
AutoSysCA Workload Automation AECA Technologies
AutoSys/ZekeASG-ZekeASG Software Solutions