Tivoli Business Systems Manager

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Operating System + Application/Application Enviroment + Monitor


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Short Description:

Business view of system status


Microsoft Windows based product to view the status of systems and system resources from a business viewpoint. Software automatically detected systems and system resources such as IMS databases, DB2 tables and started tasks. Users associated resources or groups of resources to business units. TBSM showed the status of resources from a business unit perspective.

Supported systems on platforms including Microsoft Windows, UNIX and z/OS.

Used Microsoft SQL Server to store and manage data. z/OS resource information was transmitted from z/OS to the Windows Server. GUI screens access from Java clients on Windows and UNIX systems. z/OS component used NetView for monitoring components including DB2, IMS, and Tivoli Systems Automation.

Software based on Access 1, and replaced Tivoli Global Enterprise Manager. First released in 2000. Replaced with Tivoli Business Service Manager. Support discontinued 2013.

IBM Product IDs:

  • V1.x Product ID: 5678-BSM, 5698-A03
  • V2.x Product ID: 5724-C51
  • V3.x Product ID: 5698-A21

Entry last updated: 05-Jan-2013