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National CSS -> Dun & Bradstreet -> Must Software International -> Thomson Software Products -> Aonix Corporation


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Short Description:

Reporting language and database management system


Reporting language to access legacy data sources such as VSAM, DB2 and IMS. Includes a JDBC interface for access to Oracle Database and Microsoft SQL Server. Other features include:

  • NOMAD Application Performance Analyzer: Monitor resources used by Nomad applications
  • NOMAD One Pass: Performance optimizer
  • NOMAD Session Manager (NSM): Allow multiple NOMAD applications and users to operate in a single address space - outside of TSO.
  • NSM/CICS: CICS interface for NOMAD Session Manager
  • NOMAD Collection: application development tools and utilities.
  • NOMAD QLIST: Productivity tool to quickly develop reports.

Originally developed by National CSS in 1973 as a competitor to RAMIS.

After National CSS was acquired by Dun & Bradstreet as D&B Computing Services (DBCS), DBCS sold NOMAD  to Must Software International in 1986.

Entry last updated: 13-Feb-2023

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