About Lookup Mainframe Software

Lookup Mainframe Software is a database of past and present software for Sytem z (zEnterprise) mainframes (including predecessors System/390 and System/370). We specialize in software that runs on, or is related to, the operating systems z/OS, z/VM, and z/VSE. Our database currently has 2883 software entries, and 582 vendor entries

Lookup Mainframe Software is a project of the Australia-based mainframe consulting company Longpela Expertise. We use our mainframe expertise to find, evaluate, and report on mainframe software. We offer independent, expert briefs of each software product: what it does, previous names and vendors, where it fits in the mainframe market, and alternatives available. Although we may provide advertising or services to these vendors, our information is independent, and not influenced by any vendor or organization. Lookup Mainframe Software is the only independent website clearly showing and explaining the past and current mainframe software market.

We aim to limit the information we provide so that it can be quickly and easily understood. We leave the details to each vendor, and other sources such as Wikipedia.

Lookup Mainframe Software is not a replacement for vendor information. There are many software products on the market, and their names and functionality can change quickly. Although we make every effort to ensure that our information is correct and accurate, Lookup Mainframe Software cannot guarantee the accuracy or correctness of any our information. Please contact each vendor for the latest, accurate, up-to-date information. Where possible, our pages include links to the relevant Vendor websites.

Use of Lookup Mainframe Software is subject to the terms and conditions explained here.

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