Frequently Asked Questions

Where Do You Get Your Information?

Lookup Mainframe Software gets information about software products from a range of publicly available information, including: press releases, vendor brochures, advertisements, product documentation, trademark information, patents, vendor websites, magazines and journals, forums, and even court proceeding documentation. Lookup Mainframe Software is made up of mainframe technical consultants, so in many cases we've actively used the products we report on, and rely on our own experience and knowledge. And of course, we ask the vendors.

Is Your Information Up to Date?

We make every effort to keep our information up to date. We have tools that automatically check our entries, and welcome comments from vendors, other SMEs, and any other website user. We also regularly check entries. You can see on every entry the date it was last checked or updated. If you see something that is out of date, please let us know.

Is Your Information Accurate?

We make every effort to keep our information accurate. We have independently researched every entry. We have also approached current vendors, requesting that they review their entries, and notify us of any errors or omissions, or if something is out of date. We also welcome comments from SMEs and any other user of our site. If you see something that you don't think is correct, please let us know.

Where Is the z/Linux and z/TPF Software?

Lookup Mainframe Software currently specializes in software for z/OS, z/VM and z/VSE. We may add software for z/Linux and z/TPF in the future

I can't find a product I'm looking for

Many mainframe products have changed names and vendors over the years. If you can't find a product from our drop-down menus, try performing a search. We include both present and past software names in our entries. Finally, if you still cannot find your software, Contact us and we'll add it.

Do You Include Hardware or Services?

Lookup Mainframe Software concentrates on software products, though some software products are provided with hardware. We don't include hardware or services.

Why Do You Include Windows and UNIX Software?

The line between mainframes and other platforms have blurred over the years. Today some software will run on both mainframes and other platforms like Microsoft Windows and UNIX. There are also software that executes on Microsoft Windows or UNIX, but are mainframe-related tools. We include all of these in our website.

Why Is There Software Not Related to z/OS, z/VM or z/VSE

We have included past and present operating systems for the System z mainframe, as well as some products that relate to the processor or Hardware Management Console (HMC).

Are You a Mainframe Vendor?

No. Lookup Mainframe Software is a project of the independent mainframe consulting company Longpela Expertise. We are not mainframe vendors, and do not sell, gain sales commissions from, or represent any mainframe software vendor.

Are You Paid for This Website?

We may offer advertising services on this website, and may also provide services to some vendors or advertisers. However all information other than vendor-related commentary is completely independent. We are not paid money by any vendor to improve or adjust our entries. Any vendor-provided commentary or advertising will be clearly marked.

Do You Recommend Any Software?

Lookup Mainframe Software provides a list of mainframe and mainframe-related software. However we do not recommend or rate any products or vendors in this website.